ArtsTalk Blog - 2016 SSAC Membership Fees are due! We have attached a Membership Form for your convenience.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week one in our new location! We were absolutely thrilled to have so many volunteers who came out to assist with the move to 41 Victoria Street East, Alliston. What we envisioned to be a full day move was shortened to less than 2 hours with so many cheerful faces and helping hands. We have continued to have many visitors and complimentary wishes. Members are excited to have an opportunity on the main street to showcase their artworks be it visual art, literary art, theatre or music, etc. For those who have wandered in; they are excited that we have the use of the courtyard space!

Communication is so important. We have had artist friends wander in to convey their message that they are receiving confusing information from their painting group. It is important to note that the approved move to a location on Victoria Street does not change our value as a partner in building the Arts Community in Alliston or in the rest of South Simcoe. It does however, provide us with an opportunity to increase our exposure and clarify our identity within the arts community and the community at large. We look forward to providing extended exposure for all our members in a commercial area with high traffic and increased dedicated space for the arts.

The Board of Directors believes it is in accord with the by-laws of the organization in overseeing and approving strategies for the Corporation. Your offer of help, wherever possible, will be of utmost importance in ensuring our ongoing success at the new location.

The South Simcoe Arts Council Board has already incorporated the principle of collaboration in its Operational Policy and looks forward to extending its collaborations throughout the community.

We would continue to welcome and appreciate your support and commitment to the South Simcoe Arts Council. Attached is our 2016 Membership Form; we welcome and value your membership.
Lynda Mitchell Reynolds
Executive Director