ArtsTalk Blog - 2017 Nature Photography Calendar by Mary Lucky

Hi everyone!
Hope you are enjoying the summer and my 2016 calendar photos. And yes, the year is already more than half way gone, which means that my 2017 calendars have arrived! I have asked many of you what kind of pictures you would like to see in my calendars. Overwhelmingly, most have said animals and birds. Some would like to see a mix of flowers and scenery, along with the animals and birds. So, for the first time, I am including pictures of a sunflower and a bench full of pumpkins and squash. I will be anxious to hear
your opinions about this calendar.

If you would like to order my 2017 calendar, please contact me by phone or email. They are $15 each. Attached with this email, is the front cover of the calendar. Thank you all very much for the support you have given me and for allowing me to share my love of nature with you, through my photographs.