ArtsTalk Blog - 6th Annual Grate Groan-Up Spelling Bee April 18th 2015, The Club At Bond Head

Please feel free to contact Shira Harrison McIntyre at (705) 435-5624 or email her at to advise of your interest in participating

Team Contact Form (to be returned to Next Steps Office)
Instructions for Teams
Pledge Forms

Lots of prizes will be awarded, including Best Spellers, Best Costumes, Most Pledges Raised, and Best Team Spirit.

Teams are encouraged to dress up as their favorite characters from a book, as something bee related, or whatever your imagination determines. Remember, that the more pledges you raise increases your chance to win the category of Most Pledges Raised. You will also be raising more needed funds for Next Step’s programs.

We hope you will bring your enthusiasm and creativity to this great cause and invite your family members and friends to attend as cheerleaders! Dinner tickets for cheerleaders are $35 and need to be purchased in advance.