ArtsTalk Blog - AiOC at The Tooth Doctors

The Tooth Doctors, Arts in our Community's newest venue and we recently asked them what it was that got them involved in Arts in Our Community.

In the words of Tamara Wong, our proprietor at Tooth Doctors:

How we got involved -
 We had almost the same artwork in our front office for about 8 years-- it was beautiful but our front desk staff was getting tired of looking at the same thing. We were going to head to Homesense to buy some new art for the office. We looked but never really found anything that caught our eye. It was around then that we happened to go to the Millpond Medical centre and saw some beautiful artwork there. While in the waiting room I was looking at the art and saw the sign that said it was from a local artist and the SSAC. That's when I knew it would be perfect. We had a big empty wall to fill with great lighting. If we could display the artwork created by artists from our area, it'd be such a win-win situation that I had to look into it!

We are passionate about supporting our community. It's a place that we've been in for 10 years now and the amount of support we've come across here is enough to fill our hearts to bursting. It felt like a small way to say thanks, to support local, and to have amazing artwork on display.

Since we've had Arts in Our Community on our walls, it's been amazing. Our patients walk in and are as excited as we are to look at the incredible works of art. We feel truly thankful that we get to support local artists, (especially when they are created by patients-- we have to say we think we have some very talented patients!!). We love seeing the vast talent and skill that is present here, in our community.

We also found a local artist on Instagram and loved her artwork so much we reached out to her. She was not part of the SSAC but we encouraged her to join and in a few months, her art is scheduled to be at our location! This feels like we were able to even encourage artists to further their careers as artists.

 We just hope the artists love having their art on our walls half as much as we love being able to display them.

Thanks SSAC for this amazing program and letting us be part of it.

Here at SSAC we raise the banner of gratitude on behalf of our artists and affirm that we are deeply grateful to Tamara and her team for opening the door at The Tooth Doctors to Arts in our Community! You can book your next dentist appointment and visit them at 22 Dunham Dr. Unit 104, Alliston