ArtsTalk Blog - An excerpt from Moonlight with Tom Thomson

Painting & Prose

Marla perched on the edge of the red Muskoka chair on her dock, and raised a glass of merlot to the setting sun. The summer storm had blown over and she was alone. Somewhere out on the lake, a loon called. She lifted her binoculars and scanned the water. There it was, like magic, the female abruptly appeared just a few yards away. The loon dipped her head, searching for fish. Then she ducked under the water and disappeared.
It’s amazing how far they can swim like that underwater, Marla thought. She marked the spot where the loon vanished, and scanned the lake to catch the moment when she surfaced.
A little farther away, the water rippled and a black head popped up. The loon ruffled her wing feathers, then relaxed and drifted in the breeze.

An excerpt from Moonlight with Tom Thomson by Sharon Frayne 2019 Creative Works Writing Contest Winner