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Q & A with Photographer, Kathy MacFarlane
Jul 5, 2021 | Featured Artist Q & A

Kathy MacFarlane is a Photographer living in Alliston. Kathy has been a SSAC member for 2 years.

Q. As an artist what is the medium you use? Do you ever combine mediums? Describe how or why you might do so.

Answer: I am a photographer and do not combine any mediums, but I print my photos on different mediums such as canvas or metal.

Q. When did you become an artist? Have you found this easy to say, "I am an artist"?

Answer: I do find it difficult to say I am an artist, photography is definitely art, but it can also be very documentary. It often depends on my mood, the light and the subject as to how artistically I shoot.

Q. Do you have a mentor or some special influence that has contributed to your growth in your artistic creativity? How has this or someone in particular influenced you? If this is a person are they also an artist?

Creative Works Junior Short Story 2nd Place Winner

The South Simcoe Arts Council has been shining a spotlight on up and coming writers of all ages, in all genres through its Creative Works Writing Contest for six years.

We are excited to share the winners writings with you over the next few months.

Please enjoy this instalment of our Creative Works Youth Writing Contest winners series featuring Junior Short Story 2nd Place Winner - John Ryan

This award is sponsored by Premier Contractors Ltd

Memories of Travel
by John Ryan

Tree of Life Labyrinth
Jul 15, 2021 | Musings of a Member

Back in June SSAC member, Denis Bolohan, was busy creating his art of outdoor labyrinths in celebration of the Bicentennial of the Town of Innisfil. We thought we'd share this great insight into why he is drawn to this artform and how he approached this exciting project

By Denis Bolohan

I have been creating sculptures, installations and site-specific land works for over 30 years. Much of my work has been ephemeral in nature—snow sculptures, fire sculptures, crop and grass labyrinths that are allowed to grow out and return to the landscape. I grew up and still live in a rural community: the land and our natural surroundings are never far from my thoughts and are major influences in both my daily life and my artwork.