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1000 Words: An Inspired Writing - <i>God is Calling</i>
Mar 9, 2022 | Exhibits

God Is Calling

Artwork Created By: A Starving Artist - Atswei
Writing by Angie Rose-Carnegie March 2022

Towards the light…towards the light…
Softly I float towards it.
I hear them singing to me.
Are they angels or sirens?

I jolt away as I remember.
I need to stay.
I need to protect my children,
Against the menacing bear.

The soft voices coax me.
I feel them beckoning me to join them.
The pain recedes as I drift upwards
Towards their brightness.

1000 Words: An Inspired Writing - <i>Out Of Reach</i>
Mar 10, 2022 | Exhibits

Out of Reach

Artwork Created By: Art by Roslyn
Writing by Annette Chiappe

She discovered her life was in shambles and thought she wasn't going to make it. She felt so lost, and that happiness would never be in her grasp. She took one last look at her pain as a victim and decided that she must let go of the fear, be responsible for her life and live with the consequences.

1000 Words: An Inspired Writing - <i>Together We Will Survive</i>
Mar 14, 2022 | Exhibits

Together We Will Survive
Artwork By: B J Thompson
Writing by Angie Rose-Carnegie

Anka had carefully drawn and painted the symbol on the upper right pane as she had been instructed. The two brown circles were joined to the flaxen one. Where they intersected the co-joined sections had turned golden, as if chasing away the darkness. Material remnants covered the other 3 panes of glass. Shivering she stood at the window and looked out on the snowy field illuminated by a thin sliver of moon.

1000 Words: An Inspired Writing - <i>The Smiling One</i>
Mar 15, 2022 | Exhibits

The Smiling One
by Brenda Short

The Coulson family had planned a day outing for their annual family photograph. This was something Jack had done every year since his marriage. He was abandoned as a baby and never knew a family life, until he met, fell in love with and married Harriette, or Hattie as he called her, so this family was his whole world.

1000 Words: An Inspired Writing - <i>I Have Your Back</i>
Mar 21, 2022 | Exhibits

I Have Your Back
by Mary Penner

From the moment we met, we took to each other like "flies on the butter" as my Mother used to say. The years have passed quickly, filled with fond memories of our life together. Our travels have taken us many places around the world. There was Venice, then Paris, Munich, London, and other cities, where we walked and explored, taking in the different cultures.

1000 Words: An Inspired Writing - <i>What Do You See?</i>
Mar 22, 2022 | Exhibits

What Do You See?
by Angela van Breemen

The sun struggles
To filter through the gloom
That permeates my soul

What remains of autumn light
Kisses the bronzed trees
Much as a lover says goodbye

Cerulean blue loses its grip
Sunlight creates a prism of colour
Competing against angry clouds

Is this Gaia's displeasure?
Revolted by humankind's sins
Inflicted upon her creatures?

1000 Words: An Inspired Writing - <i>Down By the Dock</i>
Mar 28, 2022 | Exhibits

Down By the Dock
Written by Peter Frost-Corking

A breeze caressed my cheeks as I gazed at the clear blue water. My brother Hank stood at the end of the dock, his arms stretched upwards and his hands clasped together, as if each hand were trying to pull the other ever higher into the clear blue sky. Closer to me was Dad, lost in some crossword, his feet dangling in the water.
So clear, so blue … and so peaceful! There was only the soft lapping of the water against the dock, and the distant hum of a chainsaw in the forest. Yet I didn't feel at peace.
"Hey Timbits!" It was Hank calling out to me. "How about a dip in the lake?"

1000 Words: An Inspired Writing - <i>Raven Maelstrom</i>
Mar 29, 2022 | Exhibits

Birds Eye View
Written by Teri-Lyn Smethurst, 2022

Watching you from my window, soaring above
What would it be like to sprout wings, to fly away
Weightless, air brushing through my feathers
Freedom from human constraint
Free of gravity restraints
Ripping, racing along the air currents
Seeing the world through a bird's eye view