ArtsTalk Blog - Behind the Scenes: Diane Kaczmarek

I am Diane Kaczmarek, an artist/painter living in Green Briar, Alliston where I have a very small studio and have been a member of the SSAC for quite some time.

My preferred medium is watercolour but I also use acrylic and oils, the mediums being used usually dependant on the subject matter. However, I have lately found that I have an interest in using a palette knife and creating a more impressionistic type of painting. I have also combined mediums such as watercolour and ink, oil and acrylic and have even used acrylic modelling paste to add texture to my work.

As far back as memory takes me I have always been interested in sketching and painting. Even in college I can remember taking some life drawing courses and being more interested in those then the actual college courses in which I was enrolled.

When I started working after college I had little interest in pursuing art but two very dear friends encouraged and persuaded me to continue painting, mostly in watercolour as that was their interest. One of these friends lived in Florida (which has a strong art colony) and invited me many times to stay with her and paint.

As much as I love to paint my biggest issue is starting a painting. Initiative is hard to come by and art being mostly a solitary endeavour I have to force myself to paint at times when I'm by myself. But belonging to a painting club such as the South Simcoe Palette Club and the South Simcoe Arts Council is a huge encouragement and the positive feedback is an amazing energizer.

As for subject matter, well I will pretty much paint anything that piques my interest. Having first started in watercolour I painted a large number of flowers, but my interest has expanded to land and seascapes, figural pieces, still life, the impressionistic and abstract. I always try to be open to new subjects and methods in art and painting and still get excited when I've learned a new process or successfully painted a subject matter I have never before attempted.

Painting can be expensive, especially if you want the newest paint colours or piece of equipment that's just come out. But.... it is amazing what you can create even with a few tubes of paint, a brush or two and a canvas or piece of watercolour paper. The most important piece of equipment is you and what you can accomplish yourself.

One of my biggest thrills in art was when I sold my first painting, a simple watercolour of a cat in a window. That was quite "a rush". That people actually wanted something that I created and were willing to pay for it was an amazing feeling. I still get that feeling whenever I sell a piece. And when I successfully complete a painting with which I find little fault (and that is very rare) there is such a feeling of joy and fulfilment.

To those of you who wish to paint but are having a hard time getting started, I would strongly suggest joining a painting club or organization that will encourage and support you though that might be difficult in this time of Covid 19. Or sit down, pick up a sketching pencil, charcoal, etc and paper and just draw what's around you. A lot of the great artists drew on their surroundings for inspiration.