ArtsTalk Blog - Behind the Scenes: Understanding your Materials

My name is Daniela and I am the proud owner of Think Pink Welding and have been in the welding industry for 6 years now. I have my own welding machine set up at home that allows me to create metal art and horseshoe home décor.

Welding is a versatile trade and is used to join two or more pieces of metal together that is vital in many items we use in our daily lives. Although there are many aspects to welding, understanding the type of material that needs to be welded is a key detail. That applies to any form of art, understanding the material you are using plays a huge role in the overall outcome, whether it is fibre, paint, wood, etc.

Last year I created my first metal art piece out of scrap steel, "Reckless Love" for the SSAC Arts on Main Exhibition. It was a complete learning curve for myself and challenged my welding capabilities. Using scrap metal, I came across different types of metal I wanted to incorporate that were different than what I normally use, steel. I had found some pieces of copper, that would add some colour to my art piece. I had never welded copper before but after doing my research and making sure I had the proper tools/settings, it would not weld properly. I was frustrated because I could not understand what I was doing wrong, only to find out that looks were misleading and it in fact was not real Copper. I was stuck with this material that I really wanted to use for my artwork but could not weld together.

I believe in the saying "If you are not learning you are not living" and that day I learned a new form of sticking material together that I was not use to. Using an epoxy adhesive, I was able to apply this material to form the cape and crown, completing my art piece. "Reckless Love" went on to win the People's Choice Award in the 2020 SSAC Arts On Main Exhibition and I am proud of my accomplishment and what I learned along the way.