ArtsTalk Blog - Book Review: Allie's Alpacas

Carolyn j Morris' latest book, Allie's Alpacas, takes the reader on a delightful and educational trip to the countryside. Allie's Alpacas is the most recent in her Railfence Bunch Kids book series, which is geared towards emerging readers who have graduated from the many tales of Chick and Duckling in her Railfence Bunch Books.

Morris combines confidence boosting language with an engaging, interesting and fun story about life with Farmer Allie and her colourful charges. The book is ideal for both reading out loud and for young readers to explore on their own. Morris provides enough detail to make the story relevant to country-dwellers and urbanites alike, peppering the banter between the school children with interesting facts about alpacas.

The characters and the farm itself are brought to life through Richard McNaughton's beautiful watercolour illustrations. He masterfully captures the meeting of the old and the new on the book's cover; a wonderful "selfie" with the kids' teacher and an obliging alpaca along a weathered cedar split rail fence.

Plan your visit to meet Allie's Alpacas and you won't be disappointed. Morris' style and language has broad appeal to her intended young reader audience, while making it an enjoyable read for their parents as well. As the children from Mr. Thompson's class concluded: "This is the best trip ever!"

- Naomi Simpson, Aroha Nui Farm