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Driving Too Fast
May 8, 2021 | Musings of a Member

I walk on the North shore Trail going east from Johnson's Beach several times a week all year round.  Just before dawn(winter) or sunset (year round) I am absorbed by the mystery of light on water and clouds as the world emerges or disappears. The local birds, occasional rabbits, beaver or cranes move silent and alert in the their tasks. The few humans look at you fully, nod, smile and pass silently in this meditative space.  Till the snow and near-zero temperatures give way to budding branches, dandelions and hellebore, migrating ducks, returning seagulls and loons, it is peaceful and often solitary on my walk.

When Covid lockdown began in the last week of March, the path became even quieter: no chainsaws, lawnmowers, leaf blowers; no yacht club drilling, hammering, polishing; not even distant traffic noise.  Cormorants lined up in a row, 14 silhouettes long, on the abandoned boat slips, something I'd never seen here.