ArtsTalk Blog - **Holiday Basket Bonanza**

The SSAC Office is so excited to announce that we have TWO beautiful baskets packed with goodies to be raffled of between now and December 17. Tickets are only $5 each and you can get 5 for $20. Tickets are available at our shop, FortyOne, and through some of our members and volunteers (if you would like to help sell tickets let us know!).

Come on by and get your tickets today and support SSAC & its programs.

Many thanks to everyone that contributed to our baskets:

Basket #1:

George Burt
Black Cherry Wood Bowl

J.C. Kavanagh
Books: The Twisted Climb & Darkness Descends

Andrea Elmhurst
4 Red Felted Maple Leaf Coasters

Firehouse Pizza
$50 Gift Certificate

Debra Gibbs
Porcelain Bowl

Mary Lucky
5 Winter Nature Cards

Jessie Mead
Avon Ginger Bread & Cappuccino Shower Gel and Body Mist

Susan Mein
Winter Print

Michelle Dinnick-Shulze
Book: Chicken Soup for the Soul - Spirit of Canada

Jackie Warmelink
Pottery Maple Leaf Spoon Rest

Concession Road Mercantile
Large Mug & Tea

Mary Lou Leitch
6 Cards

Corrie Parsons
Felted Purse

Joyce Buck
Fused glass plate

Basket #2:

Susan Mein
Winter Theme Card Set

Dian Bowers
Book: Life in The Big Forest

Shirley Fox
Fused Glass Cupcake Nightlight

Jan Atkinson
Silicone Baby Bib

Judy Penz-Sheluk
Books: Hanged Man’s Noose & Hole in One

Mike Schulze
Tee-Shirt and Holiday Cards

Jackie Warmelink
Pottery Maple Leaf Spoon Rest

Debra Gibbs
Porcelain Bowl

Brenda Short
Knitting Lessons

Barbara Cotterchio-Milligan
$25 Gift Certificate

Tammy Tippler
Novel: City of Crows

Pamela Meacher