ArtsTalk Blog - Intermediate Short Story 2nd Place Winner - Lael Hughes

The South Simcoe Arts Council has been shining a spotlight on up and coming writers of all ages, in all genres through its Creative Works Writing Contest for six years.

We are excited to share the winners writings with you over the next few months.

Please enjoy this instalment of our Creative Works Youth Writing Contest winners series featuring Intermediate Short Story 2nd Place Winner - Lael Hughes

This award is sponsored by Diane & Gary Bowers

Life Out of the Shoebox
by Lael Hughes

Hello, I am a red and white shoe. I belong to a girl named Allie. Well, now I belong to Allie. Five hours ago I was in a shoebox in a shoe store called Squiggly Shoes.

I have been in a box all my life. Of course, I have been tried on when little children come and grab my box and I get taken out and put on. But this morning, I felt that I would be bought.
When Allie and her Mother came in and Allie picked my box up, took me out, and put me on, I knew Allie was the right child.

The storekeeper was a grumpy lady and said, "Oh my child, you don't want that pair of shoes do you?"
"Yes, I do.'' said Allie. "They are just what I want. They are red and white and I shall call them Sharon and Fred. Fred is the left shoe and Sharon is the right."

Now reader, I never even thought in my whole entire boxed-in life that I would be named. I discovered that I was Sharon and the other shoe was Fred. Now reader, you must understand that I was always the right shoe. All the shoes were put in pairs and I was put with Fred. It felt nice to be used and live out of the shoe box. Then my life got exciting.

After Allie and her mother munched on pepperoni pizza the disaster came. We drove to Allie's dancing lesson. Allie bolted into the building and flung off Fred and me in the change room. I did not know how long Allie would be gone, but I waited. The staff cleaning lady came and put

Fred and me against the wall and then she put another pair of red and white shoes right beside Fred and me.

An hour went by and a whole bunch of kids came running out. A girl came and sat above us and she PUT HER FEET IN Fred and me and then she tied us up and walked out the building. Fred and I were in the girl's car. We were in the wrong car without Allie and without Allie's mother! I did not know if I would ever see Allie's sock feet again.

Allie frantically looked for her shoes. Allie's mother said, "Allie, we have to go now." Allie said. "I know mother, but I can't find my shoes anywhere."
"Allie," said her mother, "you lost your new shoes already? You promised me that if I would get you new shoes, you would take care of them."
"I know mother. I am so sorry."

"Well," said Allie's mother, "let's ask the cleaning lady." They found the cleaning lady and asked her.
"Yes." said the cleaning lady, "I did see a pair of red and white shoes. Two pairs, to be exact." "Two pairs!" said Allie. "That explains it. Someone took my shoes and I think I know who." "Who?" asked Allie's mother.
"Katie." answered Allie.

"Well, I have Katie's mother's number. I will call her." replied Allie's mother.

Two hours later Fred and I were with Allie in her room. She had not taken us off since she had gotten us back from Katie. Apparently, Fred and I were mixed up with Katie's shoes--the red and white shoes beside us.

There was a scratch at the door and Allie opened it and in came a big, black, hairy dog. I knew then that Fred and I were not done with adventures.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more short stories and poems from our winners.