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Andre Beneteau was born in Windsor, Ontario. His interest in photography was piqued early in his childhood; after undertaking a degree in geology, Andre returned to this early passion and studied audiovisual production. In 1987, Andre shifted from AV production and began a career as a freelance photographer. He specialized in architectural photography—a sensibility that has influenced his subsequent work—as well as documentation of artist’s work, including stained glass installations. Andre was featured in a solo exhibition in 2002 at Double Door Studios, Anten Mills and in 2003 documented sited projects for the MacLaren Art Centre’s major public art festival Shore/lines. In 2005, Andre was commissioned by the MacLaren to document the community and environment of Barrie’s Little Lake, culminating in a group exhibition. An active freelance photographer and instructor, Andre also continues to publish his work in a variety of commercial and architectural journals, portfolios and publications.

This is the light I grew up with. Since 1960 it has been the challenge and essence of my photographs. These are moments as I see them, often responding to a little voice that says "Get your camera!" The subject matters but the light makes it sing.

Various cameras were used for these images ranging from large (Horseman 4x5) and medium format (Mamiya RZ67) film cameras to various Canon digital models (1D, 5D, 5DII, T4i). Currently I shoot only digital.

Andre Beneteau's work will be exhibited at the Gibson Centre (63 Tupper Street W) July 7th to September 12th

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