ArtsTalk Blog - Seven Steps to a Rockin' SSAC Experience

By Sarah O'Donnell, SSAC member

So you've become a member of what?

When I first became a member I had just opened up my theatre company. I thought it would be a great way to be represented in our arts community and I wanted to network with like minded creative people. I soon realized that my membership card was not a magic portal to sudden world of artistic enlightenment [cue sad trombone quickly followed by lightbulb moment]. It was more like I was the key and SSAC was a keyhole - only I could unlock the full power of my membership [cue really cool music and lighting effects]. Once I did, some pretty cool stuff began to happen. I began to meet and collaborate with awesome people, but more importantly I was able to make SSAC work best for me and my artistic needs. How did I do that.... Just follow Sarah's Seven Steps to a Rockin' SSAC Experience.

1. I let SSAC know what I was up to.
We are artists. Our year is full of new classes, events, exhibitions, awards, articles and so much more. SSAC wants to know and share it! Part of your membership allows your events, classes, etc to be posted on the appropriate sections of the SSAC website, on the on-line calendar, in e-newsletters, social media, and in store. Keep SSAC informed and they can help get the word out for you.

2. I got professional and chose to stand out.
Profile Picture - not having one is a BIG missed opportunity.
As a member everyone gets a profile picture. This can be of you, your art, or your logo. If you want to stand out this is a great place to start. You can even get really fancy and upgrade to a full gallery and really rock out your profile.

3. I got #Social
In this digital age, consumers want to connect with you quickly. Links to your website and social media get them that immediate connection to who you are and get the ball rolling. Adding these links to your directory profile is simple and adds a professional edge. Once SSAC has your social media info THEY can follow YOU as well. This allows SSAC to like & share what you are up to when it pops up on their newsfeeds. Don't have a website and want one? Awesome, SSAC can help you with that too. As a member you get special rates on website hosting from

4. I checked my directory regularly.
If you've been a member for a year or more....when was the last time you took a peek at your listing on the SSAC website? Life is busy and it is not on the the top of your 'to-do' list...I've been guilty of it myself. Letting the public know what you've been up to and making sure your contact info is up to date makes a big difference in how you market yourself as an artist. Take 2 minutes to visit your profile and let SSAC know via email if there are any updates you'd like us to add.

5. I read SSAC emails
I totally get it, sometimes reading all the emails that come in can feel like a chore or if you are like me you see the email come in and you think, "I'll wait and read that later when I have more time"....and that just doesn't happen. One of the biggest concerns SSAC hears at the office is "I had no idea [insert super cool event, store, or workshop opportunity] was happening....why didn't you tell me??".
Even if you give SSAC emails a really good skim you will be ahead of the game. SSAC does their best to email and share socially all that important news so make sure to keep an eye our for awesome opportunities. And if you are not getting emails from should. Take a peek at your spam folder or contact the office to give them a heads up.

6. I let others know about SSAC & its awesome members
Did you know that the best way to leverage YOUR SSAC membership is to talk about it?
The more the public knows about SSAC the more they can learn about our local art scene AND you via our online presence, online event/workshop calendar, and interaction with staff & volunteers.
What is the easiest way to do this you ask? Simple:
1) Follow SSAC on social media. Our handle is @SSACArts4All and @SSACFortyOne
2) Now that you are following SSAC make sure to LIKE, COMMENT, AND SHARE whenever you can, it makes a huge difference and is really appreciated. No one really knows how all those algorithms works, we just know that interaction makes an impact so keep it up :)
3) Meet someone that you think could benefit from membership?...tell them and send them our way.

7. I got involved
This is by far the choice that made the biggest impact for me. I became a volunteer and started attending event. I found that opportunities started to snowball from there. The truth is that SSAC is only as strong as its members. Showing up can be as simple as attending an event, shopping at FortyOne, volunteering, or coming to the AGM. Members that engage regularly have more SSAC marketplace & exhibition sales, have a better understanding of how SSAC can benefit them personally, and feel more connected to what is happening in our arts community overall.

It's that easy. The more you connect the more awesome stuff happens. In the time it takes to enjoy a cozy beverage you can check off a few key points on this list and get the ball rolling towards YOUR rockin' SSAC Membership Experience.