ArtsTalk Blog - Submitted by Dian Bowers, South Simcoe Wordsmith

Hand and nose print

He stood with a frown upon his face,
A role of paper towel in his hands,
He fixed his eyes on the door
Where a nose and hand print stand.

Grandma gave Grandpa a little hug,
‘Sit down old man we need to chat,'
He sat slumped in a chair
With a disgruntled look under his cap.

A special event happened today,
Our Grandson Mat came over to play,
We made cookies with play dough and laughed and hugged,
We read stories, walked the garden and chased a bug.

Now it is quiet, he has gone away,
He will be back for another stay,
Leaving us memories and glass prints to say,
He was here having the most wonderful day.

Now clean your window if you wish,
Just remember what you will miss,
Not a fossil footprint be,
But prints of hands and a nose all three.

A minute later Grandpa was found,
Humming a tune and contented be,
Frowned face replaced by a sound,
Leaving prints for all to see.

Dian Bowers
South Simcoe Wordsmith