ArtsTalk Blog - The Unlikely Collective

We invite you to join us on Wednesday August 3rd from 5pm - 8pm for the opening night of "The Unlikely Collective".

“Diverse in our fields and experiences; our intentions and expectations; we united as an Unlikely Collective to share our work.

In coming together, ideas were stretched – like a canvas (but not only on canvas); and we brought forth our creative energy – inherently personal energy; to mingle and merge.

Limits were pushed, and rules were broken. We shared, and we held back; connections were established and bonds were strengthened.

This experience that brought us together, however; also pushed us apart. It required us to collectively envision various paths on the same journey, where our destination is different, yet somehow the same.”

The Unlikely Collective Exhibit will be shown at the SSAC Gallery and Gift shop (41 Victoria St E.) July 18th to August 30th

Come out on the opening night to meet the artists!

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