ArtsTalk Blog - We Welcome New Members - Renew Your Membership!

This year we are pleased to announce a new Platinum membership which provides you with an easy to manage art catalog and website. More information is available on our website:

The South Simcoe Arts Council is an umbrella organization that seeks to make the Arts accessible to all by providing information about arts events and programs, by engaging the community through festivals and events, and by advocating for a central role for the Arts in the economic and social development of the community. Arts involvement enhances the well being of every individual.

Our role is to encourage people to become involved with the arts. It is important for our participants to have the opportunity to learn from the best educators that we can bring to our area. The South Simcoe Arts Council collaborates and works with its community partners to increase, entice and enhance economic development opportunities for the area.
We proudly provide opportunities, promote and champion our members’ work. There are no boundaries in art. Membership is open to any individual who is interested in the arts. We will keep you informed about what’s happening with the arts and artists in our community and beyond our boundary lines.

Your Annual Membership assists us to support and present opportunities for the arts. We need your ongoing participation, support and volunteerism. We need the full participation of our members to achieve our goals.

If you have not yet renewed your membership, please do so now
There are many ways one can volunteer. We would be happy to discuss alternative ways with you that would meet our mutual needs.

On behalf of our President, Board of Directors and myself; I thank you for the ongoing support that so many of you give throughout the year. Without this support; we would not have met with the success that we did in 2014. Thank you.
Lynda Mitchell Reynolds
Executive Director