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Driving Too Fast
May 8, 2021 | Musings of a Member

I walk on the North shore Trail going east from Johnson's Beach several times a week all year round.  Just before dawn(winter) or sunset (year round) I am absorbed by the mystery of light on water and clouds as the world emerges or disappears. The local birds, occasional rabbits, beaver or cranes move silent and alert in the their tasks. The few humans look at you fully, nod, smile and pass silently in this meditative space.  Till the snow and near-zero temperatures give way to budding branches, dandelions and hellebore, migrating ducks, returning seagulls and loons, it is peaceful and often solitary on my walk.

When Covid lockdown began in the last week of March, the path became even quieter: no chainsaws, lawnmowers, leaf blowers; no yacht club drilling, hammering, polishing; not even distant traffic noise.  Cormorants lined up in a row, 14 silhouettes long, on the abandoned boat slips, something I'd never seen here.

Book Review: Allie
May 5, 2021 | Book Review

Carolyn j Morris' latest book, Allie's Alpacas, takes the reader on a delightful and educational trip to the countryside. Allie's Alpacas is the most recent in her Railfence Bunch Kids book series, which is geared towards emerging readers who have graduated from the many tales of Chick and Duckling in her Railfence Bunch Books.

Creative Works Intermediate Short Story 1st Place Winner

The South Simcoe Arts Council has been shining a spotlight on up and coming writers of all ages, in all genres through its Creative Works Writing Contest for six years.

We are excited to share the winners writings with you over the next few months.

Please enjoy this first instalment of our Creative Works Youth Writing Contest winners series featuring Intermediate Short Story - 1st Place Winner, Sasha Siska-Humphries.

Q & A with Sumi-e artist Roslyn Levin
Apr 28, 2021 | Featured Artist Q & A

Roslyn Levin is sumi-e or Japanese brushstroke artist as well as a shodo or Japanese calligraphy artist. She lives in Shelburne with a studio in Orangeville at Dragonfly Arts on Broadway. She has been a SSAC member for about 20 years. 

We hope you are inspired to further your interests in the arts through this interview.

Behind the Scenes with Judy Penz Sheluk
Apr 26, 2021 | Behind the Scenes

I’m often asked where I get inspiration for my books and stories. The answer is “from life.” 

When I was writing my debut novel, The Hanged Man’s Noose, I was living in Holland Landing, and there was a lot of neighbourhood angst over the proposed demolition of a deaccessioned elementary school for the purpose of building townhomes. I remember thinking, “What if someone was willing to kill to stop the development?” And an idea was born.

Rising Star: An Interview with Jaiden McDonald

Jaiden McDonald is a pianist, a piano teacher, and a grade 12 student. She has already completed her ARCT Performers with RCM, along with Elementary Pedagogy Level 1 - all while finishing her grade 11 year. We talked to Jaiden about her journey studying music and learned a lot about how studying piano can teach so much more than just the skill of playing an instrument.

AiOC at Alliston Diagnostic Centre
Apr 10, 2021 | AiOC

Alliston Diagnostic Centre, formerly, Pace Medical Centre, has been a loyal supporter of the Arts in our Community programme for many years.

It provides an intimate and well-lit venue for artists to showcase their work.
Although it does not feature a professional hanging system, it can accommodate 7 small or medium works of art. 

Feature Artist Interview with B.J. Thompson
Apr 6, 2021 | Featured Artist Q & A

We hope to inspire you, our readers, in furthering your own interest in the arts through meeting artists such as visual artist, BJ Thompson, in our Arts Talk Q & A interviews. BJ is located just outside of Beeton, ON and has been a member of SSAC for almost 25 years.

Q. As an artist what is the medium you use? Do you ever combine mediums? Describe how or why you might do so.

My main medium is acrylics but I really enjoy using oil where possible. I have also created many paintings with coloured pencil which gives an interesting result when combining all three. Collage, by adding pieces of material to a painting, is interesting and provides another new look to the piece.

Q. When did you become an artist? Have you found this easy to say,"I am an artist"?

I have been painting for as long as I can remember. I call my self an artist when I am showing my work in a gallery and meeting people. I am the artist and I am offering my paintings for sale at these times. When I am with my friends or just in my studio I am just having fun and doing what I enjoy.

Book Review: <i><b>Holding Up the Sky</i> </b>by Val Losell
Apr 1, 2021 | Book Review

This book presents 33 full page colour reproductions of watercolour and pastel pantings by Valerie Losell, paired with a poem written for each one. Holding Up the Sky collects the work of three small handmade books of poetry written for some of Valerie's art, created over a five year period as part of her recovery efforts from a life-changing sports accident.

Metal Keys Designs
Feb 19, 2021 | Behind the Scenes

By Tracy Lai

Around a decade ago, I discovered precious metal clay while looking for a new creative outlet. After taking a workshop creating metal clay jewellery, I became hooked!

Precious metal clay is a specialized clay containing metal particles, such as fine silver. The particles are combined with a binder made of organic plant material and water.