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Q & A with Photographer, Kathy MacFarlane
Jul 5, 2021 | Featured Artist Q & A

Kathy MacFarlane is a Photographer living in Alliston. Kathy has been a SSAC member for 2 years.

Q. As an artist what is the medium you use? Do you ever combine mediums? Describe how or why you might do so.

Answer: I am a photographer and do not combine any mediums, but I print my photos on different mediums such as canvas or metal.

Q. When did you become an artist? Have you found this easy to say, "I am an artist"?

Answer: I do find it difficult to say I am an artist, photography is definitely art, but it can also be very documentary. It often depends on my mood, the light and the subject as to how artistically I shoot.

Q. Do you have a mentor or some special influence that has contributed to your growth in your artistic creativity? How has this or someone in particular influenced you? If this is a person are they also an artist?

Behind the Scenes with <i>The Artists at the Gibson</i>
Jun 30, 2021 | Behind the Scenes

The Artists at the Gibson - Find Your Inner Artist
by Gary Wilson

There are organizations and groups in the South Simcoe area that are poised to support and nurture the artist within. I discovered such a group when I attended a watercolour workshop sponsored by The Artists at the Gibson.

The Gibson Centre is an amazing venue and the Holmstrom Hall certainly accommodated the many enthusiastic artists and me. With only a box of acrylics (I know), a paint brush and a burning desire to learn how to paint, I was welcomed and soon became part of the flow, making paper towel clouds in very wet Cerulean Blue. My artist within was sparked to life. I needed more.

Take your Zoom backdrop to the next level
Jun 3, 2021

Virtual meetings have become part of our everyday lives. Whether it is for work, school or keeping in touch with loved ones, video calls are now the norm for most of us. Have you taken time to create a dedicated online meeting spot in your home? Along with an eye-level camera and soft lighting directly on your face, a beautiful piece of artwork behind you can make a huge difference on the impression you give while on a call, or in a meeting or workshop. Zoom-worthy original art can be up on your wall in days!!

AiOC at The Tooth Doctors
Jun 2, 2021

The Tooth Doctors, Arts in our Community's newest venue and we recently asked them what it was that got them involved in Arts in Our Community.

In the words of Tamara Wong, our proprietor at Tooth Doctors:

How we got involved -
 We had almost the same artwork in our front office for about 8 years-- it was beautiful but our front desk staff was getting tired of looking at the same thing. We were going to head to Homesense to buy some new art for the office. We looked but never really found anything that caught our eye. It was around then that we happened to go to the Millpond Medical centre and saw some beautiful artwork there. While in the waiting room I was looking at the art and saw the sign that said it was from a local artist and the SSAC. That's when I knew it would be perfect. We had a big empty wall to fill with great lighting. If we could display the artwork created by artists from our area, it'd be such a win-win situation that I had to look into it!

Junior Short Story 3rd Place Winner - Akira Hsieh

The South Simcoe Arts Council has been shining a spotlight on up and coming writers of all ages, in all genres through its Creative Works Writing Contest for six years.

We are excited to share the winners writings with you over the next few months.

Please enjoy this instalment of our Creative Works Youth Writing Contestwinners series featuring Junior Short Story 3rd Place Winner - Akira Hsieh

This award is sponsored by Premier Contractors Ltd

Mr. Goodman In The Zoo
by Akira Hsieh

Behind the Scenes: Diane Kaczmarek
May 24, 2021 | Behind the Scenes

As far back as memory takes me I have always been interested in sketching and painting. Even in college I can remember taking some life drawing courses and being more interested in those then the actual college courses in which I was enrolled.

When I started working after college I had little interest in pursuing art but two very dear friends encouraged and persuaded me to continue painting, mostly in watercolour as that was their interest. One of these friends lived in Florida (which has a strong art colony) and invited me many times to stay with her and paint.