ArtsTalk Magazine

It is with great excitement that the Board of Directors of SSAC welcomes the launch and re-activation of Arts Talk, this time in a quarterly on-line and print magazine, reminiscent of the early issues.
Each issue of the magazine will highlight Arts & culture disciplines, work, events, festivals, and groups. We look forward to receiving written and photographic contributions from our members, making this magazine outstanding!

To view current and past issues of ArtsTalk please click on the PDF links below. Complimentary print copies are available at our office/shop - FortyOne: Local Art Market for each issue while supplies last.

9. Arts Talk Fall 2019

A Participant's Perspective by Brie Taylor
Revolting Children (Matilda) by Sarah Jane O'Donnell
The HeART of Healing with Horses by Fotini Chandrika Walton
How to Grow a Good Song by Stephen John Van de Kemp of The Carrot Sticks
Arts in our Community Listings
Book Review - A Hundred Thousand Wild Bouquets by Kaarina Brooks
Calendar of Events

8. ArtsTalk Summer 2019

The Art of Display
Reflections on Writing
Arts in Our Communities Listing
Book Review
SSAC Event Listing

7. Betty Anderson Biography by Janine Harris-Wheatley

Biography of arts champion Betty Tomlinson Anderson graciously contributed by Janine Harris-Wheatley

6. Allan Anderson Biography by Janine Harris-Wheatley

Remembering the life and contributions of Arts Council Founder Allan Anderson.
Many thanks to Janine Harris-Wheatley for this biography.

5. 25th Anniversary Edition of Arts Talk

The Birth of SSAC
Founding Member Profile - Betty Tomlinson Anderson
Break the Barriers Workshops
Member Artist Profile - Pamela Meacher
Arts in Our Communities listings
Book Review: The Twisted Climb: Darkness Descends by J.C. Kavanagh
Event Listings

4. Arts Talk Fall/Winter 2018/19

Pay It Forward
Arts On Main
Monster Mash
For the Love of Glass
SSAC Christmas Show
Arts in Our Community Schedule
Book Review - There May Be Tears

3. ArtsTalk Fall 2017

Table of Contents:
* Messages of Welcome
* The 2018 Music Festival
* Sharing Compassionate Community
* Gift Shop
* My Journey in Ceramics
* Ready, Set, Write!
* Who are the Wordsmiths?
* Call for Submissions

2. ArtTalk Winter 2018

Table of Contents:
* Message of Welcome
* Welcome to your SSAC
* Let's Inspire Workshops
* Short Story "The City"
* Promoting Your Art
* Mark Your Calendar
* Call for Submissions

10. Arts Talk Winter 2019/20

Arts on Main 2019
SSAC Comic-Con
SSAC Retro Dance
On Being A Maker
Art in Our Community Listing
Book Review

1. ArtsTalk Spring 2018

Table of Contents
* Message of Welcome
* Arts On Main
* Silver Tree
* 2018 Battle of the Brushes
* Volunteers: The Pulse of the Gift Shop
* Everlasting Peace
* Mark Your Calendar
* Call for Submissions

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