Blog - Book Review - XII: Of Magic and Muses

by Kristen Kiomall-Evans

Launched in 2016 as a webcomic at, XII: Of Magic and Muses continues to regularly update it’s story of mischievous and monstrous mishaps. The author and artist Kristen Kiomall-Evans has been writing and drawing this series since 2013 and has finally released the print edition in May 2019!

XII: Of Magic and Muses is a muddled mix of Sailor Moon-esque magical girls and Harry Potter mystery, featuring the protagonist Willow Diaz being gifted a wondrous necklace - initially thought to help protect her friend Emma from the school bully Georgia, Willow instead finds herself spreading her power to both of them, not unlike an infection; making the magic even harder to contain.

It isn’t long until the student president Tillie and her bookworm buddy Aaron are pulled in by accident. Each girl having their own views on the curious subject of magical necklaces, they start to realize that the precious pendants might have an agenda of their own, outside of the quarrelling quintets’ personal desire. But with no talking mascot, book or mentor to assist - the growing group of guardians find themselves in ever deepening trouble as the staff and other students begin to take notice of this magical horror light show.

The print edition released in May of 2019 and if this 350 page full colour comic cavalcade isn’t enough, the sequel will be kickstarting in February 2019
- ahead of the webcomic!

[Published in ArtsTalk Winter 2019 - 2020]