Come the end of October, we will have been at our new location one year. An exciting array of classes have started, our membership and additional genres of art have expanded! Just a reminder that October 11 we are holding a Youth Jewelry Class at 4:30 pm and a Limestone Sculpture Course commencing Saturday, October 15!

A number of our artists have dropped by advising us that they are getting ready to present their art form in time for the holiday season leading up to Christmas!

An example being, this one of a kind coffee table crafted by Tom McAllister. It is made from a 1950's Oliver 2 row corn planter wheel for the top and an Oliver combine chain gear for the base. The wood used is red oak and walnut to accent the painted steel elements. Stay tuned for more of Tom's work arriving in time for the holiday season.

Tell your family, friends and fellow artists to be sure to visit 41 Victoria Street East, Alliston for all of their special occasion needs!