Workshops - Instructors - Roslyn Levin

"Sumi-e is a way of approaching life. Working constantly toward perfection in all one does, realizing it takes time and practice. I have painted in sumi-e or Japanese brushstroke painting, for more than 35 years. I have been studying Japanese calligraphy since 2009.

"When I paint the body, breath and brush are one with each brushstroke as I move and breathe with the brush, reaching within to share the spirit with the image on the page. There is a great amount of patience, self-discipline and concentration within my work. I have been twice-blessed with The Ruth Yamada Award for Excellence in Sumi-e, by Sumi-e Artists of Canada. In 2009 I was recognized for "An Innovative and Personal Approach" from the Canadian & American Sumi-e Societies. My paintings are made to enjoy and shows are the perfect opportunity to grow as an artist."

Roslyn teaches sumi-e in Toronto, Guelph & Orangeville. She has given workshops in Rosemount, Bolton, St Catharines and to Sumi-e Artists of Canada and the Mississauga Sumi-e Artists.
Upcoming Classes are listed here. Roslyn is available for workshops and demonstrations of her work. Contact Roslyn regarding individual instruction and/or to arrange a class or demonstration in your area.

Roslyn's sumi-e is complemented by her work in tai chi/qigong and she will often incorporate this healing practice into her classes and workshops.