Events - Music Festival - Music Festival 2021 - Strings


All prices will reflect Early Bird Pricing until January 27. After that date the system will automatically update to reflect our regular pricing.

Strings can consist of violin, viola, cello, etc.

Strings Solo - Introductory Level

Own choice.

0SCStrings Solo - Introductory$16.00Register
0STStrings Solo - Traditional$16.00Register

Strings Solo - List A

Own choice. Selections are made from the current RCM or CC Syllabi.

0SAStrings List A Introductory$16.00Register
1SAStrings List A Grade 1$16.00Register
2SAStrings List A Grade 2$16.00Register
3SAStrings List A Grade 3$18.00Register
4SAStrings List A Grade 4$18.00Register
5SAStrings List A Grade 5$20.00Register
6SAStrings List A Grade 6$20.00Register
7SAStrings List A Grade 7$20.00Register
8SAStrings List A Grade 8$20.00Register
9SAStrings List A Grade 9$22.00Register
TSAStrings List A Grade 10$22.00Register
TSAARStrings List A ARCT$22.00Register

Strings Solo - List B

Own choice. Selections are made from the current RCM or CC Syllabi.

0SBStrings List B Introductory$16.00Register
1SBStrings List B Grade 1$16.00Register
2SBStrings List B Grade 2$16.00Register
3SBStrings List B Grade 3$18.00Register
4SBStrings List B Grade 4$18.00Register
5SBStrings List B Grade 5$20.00Register
6SBStrings List B Grade 6$20.00Register
7SBStrings List B Grade 7$20.00Register
8SBStrings List B Grade 8$20.00Register
9SBStrings List B Grade 9$22.00Register
TSBStrings List B Grade 10$22.00Register
TSBARStrings List B ARCT$22.00Register

Strings Solo - List C

Own choice. Selections are made from the current RCM or CC Syllabi.

3SCStrings List C Grade 3$18.00Register
4SCStrings List C Grade 4$18.00Register
5SCStrings List C Grade 5$20.00Register
6SCStrings List C Grade 6$20.00Register
7SCStrings List C Grade 7$20.00Register
8SCStrings List C Grade 8$20.00Register
9SCStrings List C Grade 9$22.00Register
TSCStrings List C Grade 10$22.00Register
TSCARStrings List C ARCT$22.00Register

Strings Solo - List D

Own choice. Selections are made from the current RCM or CC Syllabi.

8SDStrings List D Grade 8$20.00Register
9SDStrings List D Grade 9$22.00Register
TSDStrings List D Grade 10$22.00Register
TSDARStrings List D ARCT$22.00Register

String Solo - Orchestral Excerpts

Own choice. Selections are made from the current RCM or CC syllabi.

7SOEString Solo Orchestral Excerpt Grade 7$20.00Register
8SOEString Solo Orchestral Excerpt Grade 8$20.00Register
9SOEString Solo Orchestral Excerpt Grade 9$22.00Register
TSOEString Solo Orchestral Excerpt Grade 10$22.00Register
TSOEARString Solo Orchestral Excerpt ARCT$22.00Register

Strings Solo - Other Repertoire

Own choice. Selections may NOT be made from the current RCM syllabus.

10SSORStrings Other Repertoire 10 yrs and under$16.00Register
12SSORStrings Other Repertoire 12 yrs and under$18.00Register
17SSORStrings Other Repertoire 17 yrs and under$20.00Register
18SSORStrings Other Repertoire 18 yrs and over$22.00Register

Strings Ensembles

Any age of performer, any style of music.

SDTStrings Duet/Trio$23.00Register
SSENSStrings Small Ensembles (less than 10 performers)$33.00Register
SENSStrings Large Ensembles (more than 10 performers)$39.00Register

Strings Solo - Original Composition

Original composition written and performed by the composer. A written copy of the original piece must be available to the adjudicator prior to the performance. LIMIT 5 MINUTES.

10SOCStrings Own Composition 10 yrs and under$16.00Register
13SOCStrings Own Composition 14 yrs and under$16.00Register
18SOCStrings Own Composition 18 yrs and under$18.00Register
19SOCStrings Own Composition 19 yrs and over$20.00Register

Strings Solo - Canadian Composer

Own choice. Please indicate level of performer on application form.

10SCCStrings Canadian Composer 10 yrs and under$16.00Register
14SCCStrings Canadian Composer 14 yrs and under$18.00Register
18SCCStrings Canadian Composer 18 yrs and under$20.00Register
19SCCStrings Canadian Composer 19 yrs and over$22.00Register

Strings Solo - Studies

Own choice. Selections are made from the current RCM or CC Syllabi.

0SSStrings Study Introductory$16.00Register
1SSStrings Study Grade 1$16.00Register
2SSStrings Study Grade 2$16.00Register
3SSStrings Study Grade 3$18.00Register
4SSStrings Study Grade 4$18.00Register
5SSStrings Study Grade 5$20.00Register
6SSStrings Study Grade 6$20.00Register
7SSStrings Study Grade 7$20.00Register
8SSStrings Study Grade 8$20.00Register
9SSStrings Study Grade 9$22.00Register
TSSStrings Study Grade 10$22.00Register

Strings Sight Reading

Performers may enter only ONE class in this section. Material for these classes will be provided by the Adjudicator. Material will be approximately one grade level below the current level of study. Prior to the beginning of each class in the sight reading category, participants will be asked to leave the performance hall.

2SSRStrings Sightreading Grade 2$15.00Register
3SSRStrings Sightreading Grade 3$15.00Register
4SSRStrings Sightreading Grade 4$15.00Register
5SSRStrings Sightreading Grade 5$17.00Register
6SSRStrings Sightreading Grade 6$17.00Register
7SSRStrings Sightreading Grade 7$17.00Register
8SSRStrings Sightreading Grade 8$17.00Register
9SSRStrings Sightreading Grade 9$19.00Register
TSSRStrings Sightreading Grade 10$19.00Register

Open Style (Strings Solo, Improvisation)

Own choice. The Performer may play any arrangement of any song, as long as it is his/her own arrangement and not memorized from a piece of music. Printed copies of the music are not necessary for this class. This class is an opportunity for those who play by ear and like to improvise, adding their own style to an existing piece of music. Please indicate the style of piece that you are performing ie. Jazz, Blues, Classical, etc. LIMIT 5 MINUTES.

13SOSStrings Open Style 13 yrs and under$17.00Register
18SOSStrings Open Style 18 yrs and under$19.00Register
19SOSStrings Open Style 19 yrs and over$21.00Register