Events - Workshops - SSAC_DS01 - Encaustic Art with Wolfpaw Creations - Teen - Adult

Join artist Dorothy Shelton of Wolfpaw Creations for this encaustic art workshop

Encaustic art is an ancient technique using heated wax to create colour, texture and depth.
It teaches letting go and releasing the urge to control. Synchronicity happens when we align with the flow of the universe rather than insisting it flow our way. When we let go of tension and stress, the magic happens.

Encaustic art is an amazing medium that anyone can do. It enables a return to childlike play with colour and imagination; a moment out of time that is free of struggle and worry.
A typical class is two hours long… with thirty minutes of class instruction and demonstration. The student is then set free to unleash their creativity, with guidance if and when requested. Each student leaves with one or more personal masterpieces, and a feeling of pride, self confidence and joy.

Location: SSAC Shop, 41 Victoria Street E.

Regular Price (after Oct 15): $40.00 CAD


Sat Oct 20, 2018 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM