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Ann Randeraad is a clay artist, who is predominantly self taught. She has been throwing and building with clay for about 25 years. Her passion for clay has grown year by year, as clay offers an absolutely endless opportunity of learning possibilities.

Her works are mostly functional She has transitioned from electric firing to wood-firing and now glaze fires with wood alone. This method of firing is very labour intensive, but it is very rewarding. It takes 4-5 hours to load the kiln on day one. On the second day, the firing begins and it takes somewhere between 12 & 30 hours to fire up to temperature. The kiln must reach 2300 degrees F. Once temperatures are reached, the kiln is closed up and allowed to cool slowly for 3-4 days. It is almost like Christmas when the kiln is opened up, never knowing exactly what the results will be. The colours on the pots are not only determined by the glazes themselves, but also altered or affected the firing atmosphere, weather, density of ware load, type of wood, size of wood, etc. This means that no two pots will be identical, as there are so many variables.