Exhibitions - Pamela Meacher

This exhibition comprises six watercolour illustrations from Pamela's Fairy Collection. Each piece comes from one of her award winning books which are botanically correct.

Charity- Charity timidly looks after the smallest of things. It is the greater gift of love that she brings.

Fidelity-Each Flower is kissed by Fidelity's lips so silky blossoms become rose hips.

Wishful-To fly high in the moonlit sky, Wishful will hitch a ride on a firefly.

Iridescence- Please take care and please take heed, save the swamps where grows the jewelweed.

Elf-Arrow- The autumn challenge is being sung as echoing Elk racks clash and bang.

Arisaema- Arisaema merrily flits around, tossing seeds upon the ground.


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