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Dorothy Shelton created these spectacular images using a technique called, acrylic pouring, a multi-layered method using mica pigments and an untinted base. This painting technique can be used on canvas, glass, plexiglass, or even vinyl records.
You will be delighted with her results! Come and see her paintings at Millpond Medical, Upper Main until April 18, 2023.

Dorothy Shelton, a 25 year resident of Alliston is not only an artist but an instructor as well. She has recently delved into acrylic fluid art pouring after years of honing her skills in encaustic art ( painting with melted wax)
Acrylic pouring is the process of mixing paints to a specific consistency, using mica pigments and an untinted paint base, a very specific formula.
A "pillow" of paint is applied to the substrate, usually a canvas, glass, plexiglass or even vinyl records.
Then pigmented paints are applied on top of the pillow then spun or tilted and then manipulated to a desired design. A fun and playful medium.
Dorothy continues to teach and share her knowledge with others from her home studio or teaching wax art at your venue or home painting party Please find her on her Facebook or Instagram page @ Wolfpaw Creations Art and Design

Everyone has an artist inside, allow me to introduce you to yours.


Millpond Medical - Upper Main
106 Victoria St. W.
Alliston, ON, L9R1Y7