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Vibrant, energizing oil paintings by local artist Hank Kenkel are located at the Essa Public Library. Be amazed!

Hank was born in Germany and came to Canada in 1957, residing now in Angus for over 12 years. He is not a trained artist, but handy in many things. He started painting around 1986 at the age of 61 crude nature scenes with oil, just for fun and relaxation. Now being retired for over 20 years with lots of time on his hands, he developed new technics and he started into a variety of scenes, but basically nature based. His other interest are woodworking, seashell art and taxidermy. Doing it all mostly for the fun of it, he did some taxidermy work on consignment and sold some of his artwork, including paintings, to friends and friends of friends. He is basically doing all this for his own relaxing fun.


Essa Public Library: Angus Branch
8505 County Road 10
Angus, ON