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Journey to the Floe Edge

In June of 2022 I went to Baffin Island. I have always had a desire to experience the Canadian Arctic. What an experience it was!!

We travelled by snowmobile and Qamutik (Inuit sleds) from Pond Inlet in Northern Baffin Island to our camp on the sea ice, then ventured out the floe edge, when the weather permitted, to see what we could find.

The Floe Edge is where the ocean meets the ice that is attached to land. It is the home of an abundance of wildlife. We were hoping to see Narwhals and Belugas, but Mother Nature had other ideas.

On the first two trips we saw lots of birds, some amazing views of the Floe Edge and the distant mountains on Baffin Island and Bylot Island.

The third trip was on the last morning of our adventure. The fog had kept us at camp the day before. We all agreed that we would give it one last shot to see the Narwhals when the fog cleared. The sun never sets that far up north in June, so we got up at 2 am to head out. The Bowhead Whales were feasting at the Floe Edge and entertained us for hours.

This QR code links to my website with all the photos and a slideshow of my favourite photos set to music.



I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Kathy MacFarlane

My name is Kathy MacFarlane, and photography is a passion for me. I have turned that passion into a photography business and shoot virtual tours and interiors for real estate, and everything else for fun!

I am always up for the challenge of capturing the unscripted story of people and nature. I like to explore this amazing world we live in and use my photos to capture stories of what I see.

Any of my photos can be printed in various sizes on different media, such as canvas, metal, or acrylic.

Any of my photos can be printed in various sizes on different media, such as canvas, metal, or acrylic.


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