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Michelle paints oil paintings in an abstracted and narrative way with an almost dreamlike style where each painting invites the viewer to enter the narrative and decipher the story. A subdued and soothing colour palette unites the images.

Michelle Eissler
Instagram: michelleeisslerart

Michelle Eissler is a visual artist with a background in Art & Art History from the University of Toronto and Interpretive Illustration from Sheridan College. Living in a small town north of Toronto, she has focussed her practice on oil painting and has moved away from conventional methodology. Developing her own voice with a distinct style in the past few years, she composes abstracted narratives on canvas, dubbed "quilted" or "patterned" abstracts for their attention to pattern and colour. A more free-flowing compositional process has become an integral part of development of these works, and her departure from preparatory sketches and heavily preconceived ideas has encouraged most thought processes to remain on the canvas. A laying of loose colour, shape and line helps to form images and movement and leaves room for interpretation and suggestion to come into play. Secondary decisions based on the identified major themes become part of a whole where one line or shape is supported by the next. Colour carries the movement through each piece and helps emphasize and delineate the imagery. The process of working gives optimal opportunity for creative interpretation, and invites the viewer to study the forms and details to decipher the story.


New Tecumseth Public Library
17 Victoria St E
Alliston, On