Exhibits & Events - Community Happenings - Battle of the Brushes

Open to all Artists.
An exciting live battle of painting with great live entertainment by Barbra Lica and Grant Boyer and Food Truck Rally.
Public Votes. FIRST Prize $500! Second Prize $250
Saturday, June 20th at Paris and Victoria Sts. in Alliston - behind Details

Thank you to everyone of you! This was an absolute successful example of a community team collaboration!

"It has been my pleasure over the last several months to witness the talents abundant in this community and to enjoy working with a whole cast of willing community partners, our volunteers both within the SSAC and the ABIA, members of our Boards, the staff. Each of you contributed your time and efforts which fostered the successes we saw today! Everyone played real hard the whole day!

Today, we recognized the talents in culinary arts, music and the visual arts alongside Sarah O'Donnell, Crazy Pants Youth Theatre who had a visible presence. I cannot thank you enough for making this day not only memorable but successful. "
Lynda Mitchell Reynolds

Website: southsimcoeartscouncil.com

Ontario Arts Council

The Ontario Arts Council has sponsored Barbra Lica