Exhibits & Events - Community Happenings - Procyon Wildlife Fundraising Christmas Concert

Join singer Angela van Breeman and pianist Anthony Alexander for an afternoon of Christmas music at Hockley Historic Church* in support of Procyon Wildlife Centre.

Tickets are $30 per adult, $10 for kids 11 and under
Tickets can be purchased at the Centre or online

Angela van Breemen, Soprano Soloist. For Angela, there is nothing more joyous than singing. Especially at Christmas time. Examples of her repertoire include beautiful arias from Pucinni, Carmen's La Habenera and from musicals. She loves to sing romantic Spanish ballads and Gospel.

A firm believer in giving back to the community, Angela has in the past performed for different charitable organizations. She is an avid writer of poetry, a member of the Wordsmiths in Alliston and a member of the South Simcoe Arts Council and is a Procyon Wildlife volunteer.

Anthony Pasternov Alexander (born February 12, 1985 in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Togabo), is a multi-faceted pianist and piano instructor from Ajax, ON. Anthony attended the University of Louisiana-Lafayette and completed a bachelor's degree in Piano Performance & Piano Pedagogy.

With a performance career that spans over 20 years, Anthony has performed throughout Canada, the US and the Caribbean. His belief is that music has the power to not only uplift spirits but empower lives. His goal is to express his true self through the piano, while hopefully connecting with other musicians and music lovers through his passion.

For more information contact Angela at 519-774-4600 or angelavb@procyonwildlife.com

*Please note: washroom facilities are not available at the pioneer church.

Website: www.procyonwildlife.com/product-category/2022-christmas-concert-tickets