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SSAC is proud to be the go to location to find out what workshops are happening in our community. On this page you will find workshops offered by SSAC, workshops run by our members at SSAC, as well as workshops and classes offered by our members throughout South Simcoe. Please refer to each workshop listing for registration information and details.

If you have questions about programs offered through the SSAC please contact coordinator@southsimcoeartscouncil.com. For any program offered by an SSAC member please contact them directly.


Kids Summer Workshops
CC2 - Puppets & More! Two Mornings of Fun! - Ages 6+

CC2 - Puppets & More! Two Mornings of Fun! - Ages 6+

Jul 13 - Jul 14, 2022 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Each summer we are excited to bring the arts to the great outdoors in our Crafts in the Courtyard program. Each week we will offer themed craft projects lead by our SSAC team.

This week join us for two mornings and create your own puppet theatre and puppets. Not only is this a fun and engaging craft, but the fun continues at home when kids use there puppet characters for creative story telling.

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CC4 - Superheroes

CC4 - Superheroes 'R Us - 6+

Wed Jul 27, 2022 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

This week join us to design and create your Super Cape and Mask. Being a Superhero is a big job that requires the right accessories. Show off your powers wearing your custom hero design.

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Performing Arts
MW_TDWAdult - Adult Dance Class - Adult

MW_TDWAdult - Adult Dance Class - Adult

Tue Feb 8 - Sun Mar 20, 2022

Try something new this year at The Dance Workshop!!

Winter Session registration is OPEN.

This session we are running adult tap, jazz and acro.

No experience necessary.

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Visual Arts
AC_KMLBP - Lino Block Printmaking - Adult

AC_KMLBP - Lino Block Printmaking - Adult

May 10 - May 24, 2022 Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Learn how to design, carve, and print using lino block with SSAC Artist, Kathy Ebbinghaus Melanson.

First class:

Design and Drawing - learn the elements of good design, simplification of design, black &
white balance, transfer of the design to the block

Carving the block - techniques and safety. Participants will begin to carve their designs.
Some will finish the carving in the first class and some will have to finish them at home.

Second class:

Techniques of rolling the ink.

Card stock cutting and folding.

Printing proofs and cards.

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MW_RL - Sumi-E Painting with Roslyn Levin - Adult

MW_RL - Sumi-E Painting with Roslyn Levin - Adult

Mar 31 - Apr 28, 2022 Thursdays 12:30 - 3:30 PM

* 5 CLASSES * THURSDAY AFTERNOONS * at Maggiolly Art in Orangeville

Artist/Instructor: Roslyn Levin

The artist depicts the essence of what he or she is trying to portray with as few brushstrokes as possible—simply and elegantly, but with strength in each line or shade. Sumi-e is a mindfulness meditation. It is a metaphor for our journey through life, a way to grow spiritually, one brushstroke at a time.

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