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Watercolour workshop focused on techniques with Greg Hindle

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AATG Workshop: Watercolour Techniques
Through demonstration and experimentation, this workshop will focus on traditional transparent
techniques of watercolour, including different effects of mixing... wet into wet, layering, and brush use.
We will also touch on the more non-traditional use of the medium to achieve different textures, opacity
using acrylics, lifting with gum Arabic, wax resist, etc. Everyone will gain a better understanding of the
properties of watercolour and confidence in its use as a painting medium.

Supplies List:
Watercolour block, 140 lb. cold press (20 sheet Arches preferred)
– multiple sheets required for experimentation
Primary colours required (Windsor Newton tubes – small or larger):
• • Windsor red
• • Windsor yellow
• • Windsor blue
• • Supplementary colours as desired
Pencil – charcoal or carbon
Kneaded eraser
Plastic watercolour palette with large mixing area (i.e. Robert E. Wood palette)
• • 1” flat (or larger)
• • #12 pointed round
• • #1 or #2 Rigger
Blow dryer (optional)

Note: Arrive for setup after 9:AM, workshop starts at 10:AM
Lunch at noon, All gone by 4:00PM


Wed Mar 18, 2020 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM