Exhibits & Events - Writing Contest - Creative Works 2021 - Short Stories

JSJunior Short Story (8-10 years) Max 500 words $5.00Register
ISIntermediate Short Story (11-13 years) Max 750 words $7.00Register
YSYouth Short Story (14-17 years) Max 1500 words $10.00Register
ASAdult Short Story (18+ years) Max 2000 words $15.00Register

Collaborative Writing

Collaborative Writing entries are short stories that are written by 2-3 authors.
In addition to the usual considerations of grammar, form and story, collaborative entries will be judged on how well the authors blend their styles and ideas.

SSCAAdult Collaborative Short Story (18+ years, Max. 2000 words) $25.00Register
SSCYYouth Collaborative Short Story (14-17 years) Max 1500 words$15.00Register

Challenge Class

Entries must include a theme or phrase chosen by the Creative Works committee. The theme should be an integral part of the plot, not merely incidental.

Challenge Class CWC 2021 Theme - A Strange Request at a Piano Bar

ASCAdult Short Story Challenge (18+ years) Max 2000 words $15.00Register
YSCYouth Short Story Challenge (14-17 years) Max. 1500 words$10.00Register