Patricia Earl

Patricia L. Earl paints to convey the light, colour, and mood of what she
sees and feels around her as Mother Nature so generously provides. She
doesn't have to travel far to find subjects that inspire her. The gentle rolling
hills, farmlands, forests, and wild flowers that she loves to paint are found in
abundance in Ontario's countryside, on the hiking trails, and in her own
backyard. Some of her inspiration comes from her view from the
pillion/backseat of their motorcycle as she and husband Jim travel the Ontario
countryside or American southwest.
In her studio, Pat enjoys painting with both acrylics and watercolours.
Watercolours are her favourite medium as she loves the
freshness of the medium, the flexibility to apply and pour colours directly on
the paper, watching as a painting begins to evolve, often finishing details with
her brush. Pat enjoys the constant challenge of keeping the white of the paper
and using the transparency of watercolours to ultimately make the painting glow.
Pat's original watercolour and acrylic paintings can be viewed her website: