Patricia Vega

Patricia Vega is a versatile skilled visual artist with a strong background in fine art and design. Her diverse skill set allows her to works with various media such as cyanotype, printmaking, and mixed media. Although she primarily uses printmaking techniques to create her artwork, she is currently exploring the cyanotype process to create textile, paper, and glass pieces of artwork. Cyanotype is an old camera-less photographic printing process that uses ultraviolet light to produce blueprints. By combining natural materials, Patricia creates stunning monochrome images that capture the beauty of nature. The use of sunlight in this process results in a range of beautiful Prussian blues.

In Patricia's view, cyanotype is where art and science meet, representing a magical process that connects her with the past, present, and environment. The inspiration behind this process lies in her interaction with the elements of nature, creating unique and captivating pieces of work.

Patricia holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Printmaking from the National University of Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina. Since 1990, she has participated in several exhibitions around the world, including Canada, Argentina, England, the United States, Spain, France, Bulgaria, etc. In 2007, she won first prize at the Printmaking Exhibition 'Press Gang 25' held at the Mississauga Gallery in Canada.

Patricia has her art studio in Mansfield, ON.