Felted Dryer Balls - set of 3

3 wool felted balls of varying natural colours in a reusable linen bag to be used in your dryer in replace of dryer sheets.
These felted wool balls float about in your dryer and can live there happily for every use.

These balls help distribute your clothing so the air can get at it more efficiently. These balls are soft so they will not harm your clothing or your dryer drum. They can be used over and over again, hundred's of times. If they start to pill, that's just fine. No harm done. It's all good. They are just doing their job.

Dryer balls can improve the efficiency of your dryer. It is recommended that 3-6 dryer balls be used at one time.

* Depending you dryer, they decrease drying time by 30 - 50 %, saving energy and money
* Decreased wrinkles = less time ironing!
* Safe for people with sensitive skin (works well with cloth diapers)
* Gentler on clothing than plastic dryer balls
* Best for natural fibres like cotton (not acrylics or polyester blends).

Size:approx 3" diameter
Purchase Now$25.00

Artist Bio

I started felting when I was hanging out with my sister-in-law and my young kids at her cottage on a beautiful lake in southern Ontario, Canada. I was immediately fascinated by the organic, mysterious process of making fabric with my own hands.

Well, everything around the cottage that wasn't tied down, was felted! Lots and lots of rocks were felted, which progressed to soaps and a felter was born.

Each piece that I make is unique. There is NO way I could make two the same; alike maybe, but not the same. There is no quest for perfect. I love wavy edges and rippled texture. Organic. Natural.

I am a very proud Canadian and I wanted to celebrate all that I love through Heritage Felt.

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