A Peek into Heaven

This photo print is a reproduction of an original mixed media piece it has been matted and is ready to frame.

Medium:Photo Print
Size:15" x 12" (Framed: 23" x 20")
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Artist Bio

Atswei is a visual artist who started out in childhood, high schoo,l then went on to study graphic/packaging design at Humber college. She dropped out, finding it much too rigid for her artsy free self. So she literally jumped out of the box and buried her talents in pursuit of other trades.

She studied culinary art, then moved on to serve her country in the Armed Forces. She then studied skin, and as an aesthetician learned to create creams, lotions, bath bombs and natural hand made soaps as an entrepreneur. She then came back full circle to her first love - Art.

In the beginning her best pieces were achieved in extreme anger or extreme happiness. Currently, they flow with any emotion. Atswei has always felt that the minute you turn what you love doing (your hobby) into a career, then it becomes work. Once it become work, it become confinement, which equals rules, which equals regulations.

Art to her is to be freeing, where you set the rules, tone, pace etc. Once someone is telling you what to do, it is no longer art to her.

It is the one place she can let her art do whatever she wants. It is her world which all are welcome to view.

Her art is her therapy -
her happy place -
her escape -
her appreciation to Yahweh -
her voice -
and so much more that she continues to explore.

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