SK Western Red Lily

This stunning print of original Saskatchewan Western Red Lily by Artist John Auger is a great addition to any art lovers collection. His use of bright colours will brighten any room. Only 50 of each print was made. Each print being signed and marked with its series number adds a personalized touch and individuality to each piece.

Artist:John Auger
Medium:Print on Archival Paper
Size:13" x 13"
Purchase Now$75.00

Artist Bio

John Auger was born in Canada, and has lived and travelled the entire country. His paintings are a reflection of that lifetime, a little bit of everything. They tell the stories of his heritage and perhaps those of his fellow Canadians. His works are memories of his experiences and he hopes to convey the emotions associated with them through brush and canvas.

John also does commission work. His goal is to convey his client's memories and emotions related to their experiences, onto the canvas. John is not one to live in the past but cherished memories always make him feel good.

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