No Home for my Heart

Marshall Kenton has finally found peace. Two great kids and a good man who loves her are a far cry from the tumultuous life with her alcoholic ex-husband, Robert. But her hard-won tranquility is destroyed when, after fifteen years, Robert re-appears and wants to rekindle what they once had. She'd be mad to even think about it, but the passion he once stirred within her resurfaces and can't be ignored. He was, and always will be, her true love. But can she trust him?

When recovering alcoholic, Robert Kenton, sees his ex-wife at a family funeral, he knows his life will never be complete without her. Though he knows he put her and their children through hell, he begins a campaign to win her back. But the ghosts of eh past don't rest easy. Though he's been dry for years, runs his own construction company, and has a sailboat moored in the bay, his son still hates him and Marshall is afraid to trust him to remain sober. But, worst of all, can he really trust himself?

"Karen Rossi's strength lies in her witty and realistic dialogue which brings to life the characters in the well-crafted plot of No Home for My Heart. Like Nicholas Sparks, Karen Rossi knows how to bring the reader along for the emotional ride as the characters play out, with realism and heart, the twists and turns of the issues with alcoholism." Raili Garth

Size:5" x 8", 210 pages
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Artist Bio

I have sold my paintings at craft shows, both
locally and in Toronto, as well as at Finnish Festivals
around Ontario. My work has found a home as far away
as California and Finland.

Besides watercolours, I also do pencil drawings.
Using this media I translated and illustrated three
books of Finnish folk tales for Aspasia Books.
Writing is my other great love. I have written many
novels, children's books, poetry anthologies, a cook
book, as well as histories. Recently I translated the
Finnish National Epic, Kalevala, as well as the Old
Kalevala to English.

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