Dare to Love

Portraits of Love, Book 2
The age difference Marita Osborne and the man she has fallen for is socially "upside down". She is forty-three and on the plump side, while Miguel Cordova, her art teacher, is nine years younger and built like a slender matador. Marita has been dumped by her husband for a young, svelte gal and her self-esteem has hit rock bottom.
Miguel has met the woman of his dreams. After a string of girlfriends, whose only concern in life is to keep their slim figures, Marita's earthly laughter and voluptuous curves turn him on like the hard-bodied beauties never could. The age difference means nothing to him, but Marita doesn't believe he can love her and keeps pushing him away. How can he make her believe she's the only one for him?

Size:5" x 8", 229 pages
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Artist Bio

I have sold my paintings at craft shows, both
locally and in Toronto, as well as at Finnish Festivals
around Ontario. My work has found a home as far away
as California and Finland.

Besides watercolours, I also do pencil drawings.
Using this media I translated and illustrated three
books of Finnish folk tales for Aspasia Books.
Writing is my other great love. I have written many
novels, children's books, poetry anthologies, a cook
book, as well as histories. Recently I translated the
Finnish National Epic, Kalevala, as well as the Old
Kalevala to English.

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