Trailblazers is what the members of Port Arthur Kansallisseura have sometimes been called.
This book brings life to these people and gives the reader a chance to glimpse into their activities. They are shown, not merely as names in recorded entries, but as dedicated, vibrant, funny, talented men and women, striving to make a difference int their time.

Size:8.5" x 11", 138 pages
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Artist Bio

I have sold my paintings at craft shows, both
locally and in Toronto, as well as at Finnish Festivals
around Ontario. My work has found a home as far away
as California and Finland.

Besides watercolours, I also do pencil drawings.
Using this media I translated and illustrated three
books of Finnish folk tales for Aspasia Books.
Writing is my other great love. I have written many
novels, children's books, poetry anthologies, a cook
book, as well as histories. Recently I translated the
Finnish National Epic, Kalevala, as well as the Old
Kalevala to English.

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