A Hundred Thousand Wild Bouquets

As the name suggests, A Hundred Thousand Wild Bouquets contains happy poems that author, Kaarina Brooks, has written over the years.

Like her first poetry book, The Finn in Me, this book is written in both English and Finnish.

Size:5" x 8"
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Artist Bio

I have sold my paintings at craft shows, both
locally and in Toronto, as well as at Finnish Festivals
around Ontario. My work has found a home as far away
as California and Finland.

Besides watercolours, I also do pencil drawings.
Using this media I translated and illustrated three
books of Finnish folk tales for Aspasia Books.
Writing is my other great love. I have written many
novels, children's books, poetry anthologies, a cook
book, as well as histories. Recently I translated the
Finnish National Epic, Kalevala, as well as the Old
Kalevala to English.

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