Love, Kindness & Compassion Vol 2

These colouring books were designed by local artist Annette Chiappe. They were created as Annette learned the value of creativity and art for emotional healing and self care.

She says, "I discovered as a child the true joy of timeless hours of drawing and colouring. I love disappearing into the pages taking time for self-care. It's all about being compassionate to myself which then flows out to others."

Medium:colouring book


Artist Bio

Hi! I'm Annette and I am a mental wellness activist & philanthropist (MWAP).

You may wonder how an artist & author incorporates her artwork into being a MWAP? Well, I teach and practice mindfulness with my colouring book & card series and painting.

I used to struggle daily with PTSD and I created the series 'Love, Kindness, & Compassion' to help my own mental health and now I use my products & services to help others.

Each book and card contains beautiful enlightened life messages and a section for creativity.

I'm passionate about my mission, believing in mental wellness for all.

Supporting the South Simcoe Arts Council, and them supporting me, provides a place where I can spread love for self, others, and our environment, while supporting the local artisan community.

Love, Kindness, & Compassion to you.

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