Love, Kindness & Compassion - Youth Edition

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Artist Bio

Hi! I'm Annette and I am a mental wellness activist & philanthropist (MWAP).

You may wonder how an artist & author incorporates her artwork into being a MWAP? Well, I teach and practice mindfulness with my colouring book & card series and painting.

I used to struggle daily with PTSD and I created the series 'Love, Kindness, & Compassion' to help my own mental health and now I use my products & services to help others.

Each book and card contains beautiful enlightened life messages and a section for creativity.

I'm passionate about my mission, believing in mental wellness for all.

Supporting the South Simcoe Arts Council, and them supporting me, provides a place where I can spread love for self, others, and our environment, while supporting the local artisan community.

Love, Kindness, & Compassion to you.

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