The Way of Ducks: a cottage devotional

This book of daily reflections and devotions from Laurie Lamb grew out of watching a family of ducks that visited her dock each day.
These ducks turned out to be a gift from God to help her through a journey of healing and restoration.

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Artist Bio

I find myself enthralled by colouring nature, the pattern of leaves and branches, dappled light over water, huge big skies over farmland- the whispers and shouts of Creation!

Working mainly in acrylics with mixed media collage pieces most of my art is details of our layered world. I have taken many photographs that I use as a starting point. I usually don't know where it's going until I get almost to the finishing touches.

My favourite pastime is walking the trails and photographing great moments of discovery of the ordinary but immensely poetic details of God's Creation.

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