Digital art comes to life with these prints created by Shelly Hawley-Yan. Shelly's line of digital animal prints are inspired recreations of rescued animals that she works with.

Medium:Digital Art Print
Size:4.5" x 4.5" (Framed: 8.5" x 8.5")
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Artist Bio

Shelly Hawley-Yan is the mama bear of On Dragon Wings Studio - a family studio in Caledon

All three artists; Shelly, Emma & Connor love to create in diverse media - but our subjects are almost always animals and the world we share.

Wild creatures that share our fragile environment, farm friends and companion animals, we are inspired by the creatures around us

Shelly creates small scale and miniature pieces in digital media, rich coloured pencils, delicate inks, or scratchboard.
Emma creates beautiful whimsical acrylics, inks and watercolours
And Connor creates large scale murals in spray paints, lush oils on canvas and bold inks.

Custom projects are always welcome - we would love to discuss your creative vision!

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